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"Viper" is the alias of "Jerome", an African-American boy, and one of Billy and Mandy's fellow elementary school students. In the school, Jerome has the social status of a nerd. He is also the second most skilled member of the Secret Snake Club.


All the club meetings take place in his house, but he isn't allowed to  sit on the furniture. Jerome constantly argues with 'Wiggly' over club things. He even throws lightning bolts(crayons) at him when he is angry at him so they can battle in a role playing game. Though Jerome is good friends with the other members and actually enjoys it. Even though all the snakes they worship are puny.


In his debut episode, Jerome is a member of the Secret Snake Club; in the Secret Snake Club, Jerome's codename is 'Viper'. Along with his fellow 'snake nerds'--'Wiggly' and 'King Cobra'--'Viper' seeks the destruction of all the cool kids in the school, as the none of them are cool. To achieve this, they seek to summon "Shnissugah", a supposed patron and protector of Nerds just like themselves.

He appeared once again in "The Secret Snake Club Vs P.E." where he and the club planned to destroy the gymnasium so they wouldn't have to excersize. Their plan was ultimately failed after the girls found out at beat them, and the other new recruits(Billy, Pud'n, Sperg, Greenblatt, etc.) to a pulp. Jerome made a cameo as one of the last remaining students in "The Wrath of The Spider Queen" without his friends.


  • He has the same cone shaped hair cut as his mom does
  • Jerome, along with the other members, had a crush on Mandy. But lost it hat the end of their first appearance
  • In the Secret Snake Club, he is the only one without glasses
  • Jerome enjoys playing video games
  • He along with the rest of the Secret Snake Club use fake doctor's note' s to skip physical education from Billy' s Dad
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