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Con Carne
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Gender Male
Home Madrid, Spain
Date Joined January 6, 2009
  • CAUTION: Sorry if my english is bad.

Hi, I'm Con Carne, a spanish user boy who doesn't like his real name. A great fan of the entire Grim & Evil animated saga since I discovered it in September 2007, and founder of Severo y Malvado Wiki, the castilian spanish wiki of Grim & Evil.

Watching the episodes, I've learned many things from these funny TV series and, in fact, has attracted me to mythologic themes. As I said, I'm a big huge fan of the TV series of the saga: Evil Con Carne, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Underfist. To me, these TV series are not just "other TV series," the world of this series is my ideal world, despite the stress that many suffer like Grim or Skarr, I don't change my mind.

Things about Grim & Evil

How I discovered it

I discovered this TV series in September 2007 (a bit late, yes... but in Spain, Billy & Mandy is not a popular TV series). Lil' Porkchop was the first episode I've seen, and just in the first seconds of that episode I fell in love with this awesome TV series. Later, I discovered Evil Con Carne, which I love so much too.


I have the Wii video game (it was my first Wii video game), the Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure DVD, the Punch Time Explosion video game, and I'm trying to get all the 35 comics. Nothing more because, as I said, Billy & Mandy is not popular in Spain.


Actually, I love all, since the most important until the minor characters.



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