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Mankind's last defense is a fist, Underfist. We at Underfist don't give the bad guys a hand, we give them a fist.

— Underfist described by Jeff

Underfist was a group formed in the Halloween special of the same name, and was hastily organized to prevent an army of monster candy from assuming total dominion over the Earth. After the events of Halloween Bash, they officially became a supernatural crime-fighting organization, as directed by President Mandy, dedicated to defending Endsville and the rest of the world from various evil forces originating from the Underworld.


The idea of Underfist took root when Fred Fredburger created a project with paint inside Hoss Delgado's tank. Fred's project consisted of himself (Captain Manly), Jeff (Spider Joe), Skarr (One-eyed weirdo), Hoss Delgado (Mr. Grouchypants), and Irwin (Jimmy) as members of a superhero group who fight evil and live in a volcano. Skarr thought Fred's project was a bunch of childish nonsense, but Jeff takes a liking to Fred's idea and they decide to form a team with themselves as members.

The motto of the Underfist team was also the idea of Fred; Jeff wrote the motto on a piece of paper while Skarr spellchecked it. The motto was mentioned by Jeff after the team rescues Irwin, Hoss, and Mandy from the underworld. The motto Jeff wrote reads as this (as mentioned above):

"Mankind's last defense is a fist, Underfist. We at Underfist don't give the bad guys a hand- we give them a fist" - Underfist described by Jeff


The team members uniforms are made from blue spider silk (due to Jeff eating a lot of blue jellybeans) which is the reason why the upper part of the uniform is mostly blue. These uniforms are designed specifically for each member.

The uniforms consist a blue and black shirt with the Underfist emblem on the upper black part of the shirt. The rest of the uniform is completed with black gloves, pants, and boots.

The designs of the uniform are different for some members. Jeff doesn't wear boots due to the number of legs he has, doesn't wear gloves, and has the Underfist emblem on the upper back of his uniform while Skarr has a blue and black cap with the Underfist emblem added to his uniform.