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Toon Hoops is an online Cartoon Network basketball crossover game. It features Mandy as a playable character, among others.

The game's title screen


For single player, use the directional keys to move. Use the Z key to jump, hold and release to shoot the ball and use it near an opponent to steal the basketball from them. You can also use it to perform a super move once the bar is filled.

For multiplayer, player 1 uses the ASDW keys to move and the spacebar to peform the same actions as mentioned before. Player 2 uses the single player controls by default.


  • Mandy- Special skill: best stealer;
  • Numbuh 4- Special skill: balanced player;
  • Dexter- Special skill: 3 pointer master;
  • Buttercup- Special skill: fastest movement speed;
  • Courage- Special skill:2 pointer master;
  • Eddy- Special skill: best blocker.