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The Queen was a previous ruler over Endsville who is responsible for the death of Jack O'Lantern. She only appeared in Billy & Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween. She only makes one brief appearance in the show, and as a result, not much is known about her.


According to Grim, after being sent a prank gift with Jack's name on it, she sent a knight to murder Jack. She is never mentioned afterwards.

Mandy sounds disbelieving when Grim mentions that Endsville had a Queen, putting the character's actual existance into question. However, it is assumed that since Jack turned out to be real, that the rest of Grim's story is also true, and thus the Queen really existed.


She is a somewhat large woman who is seen with her hair in a bun, a small crown, and a red dress. She is quite pale with blush on her cheeks and pointy ears. She appears to have a uni-brow, and long eyelashes.


She has no sense of humor whatsoever, and is evidently harsh towards those who upset her, as she had Jack executed for a completely harmless prank without a trial. It is mentioned that she loves gifts, especially candy.


  • Disney's version of The Queen of Hearts, whom The Queen resembles

    She visually resembles The Queen of Hearts from Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland. Her harsh punishments for minor slights might also be a reference to this version of the character.
  • Her love of candy may be a reference to the "treat" part of "trick or treating" and the tradition of giving trick or treaters candy, as in the special it is revealed Jack is the reason for the "tricking" part of "trick or treating" and the tradition of pranking people on Halloween