The Halls of Time
Halls of Time
Series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Season 1
Production code 109
Writer Gord Zajac
Broadcast information
Broadcast number 9C
Cartoon Network US Premiere August 1, 2003
Paired with Terror of the Black Knight
Battle of the Bands
Chronological information
Battle of the Bands
Grim For a Day
The Halls of Time is the third segment from the ninth episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


After missing out on a school trip, Grim takes Billy, Mandy and Irwin to the "Halls of Time" for a tour. There, Billy and Irwin mess the hourglasses that symbolize each person's lifespan. When they leave, they accidentally leave their own hourglasses, including Grim's, upside down, resulting in the group getting younger as time passes.

Grim then hurries back but one by one the kids start to disappear by going before birth, Grim intentionally lets Mandy disappear. However, while gloating he loses so much time that he cannot restore his own hourglass to its correct position, turns into a baby as he disappears too, leaving the episode as a cliffhanger.


  • Story by: Gord Zajac
  • Storyboard by: Mike Diederich
  • Directed by: John McIntyre, Randy Myers


  • We've seen Grim be on the bus many times. But in the episode, "Halls of Time", the bus driver was afraid of him.
  • Mandy actually cared when Irwin disappeared.
  • Mandy must be older than Billy and Irwin as they disappeared before she did.
  • The guy Billy and Irwin killed was Maxwell Atoms.
  • Irwin disappeared without becoming a fetus.
  • The closeup of Irwin's hourglass shows "IRWN" written on the card, whereas all the background shots show "IRWIN".
  • This is only time Irwin's brother is seen in the show.
    • It is heavily implied that when Irwin threw his brother's hourglass away and we hear it shatter, Irwin's brother ceased to exist (which might explain why he is never mentioned again).
    • However, as Billy, Mandy, Irwin, and Grim all disappeared and reappeared in the next episode, he must be alive as Irwin later mentions him in a future episode.


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