The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Started June 13, 2003
Ended October 12, 2008
Episodes 65 (139 segments)
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Seasons 6
Channels Cartoon Network

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (commonly referred to as Billy & Mandy) was an animated TV series created by Maxwell Atoms. It is the second installment in the Billy & Mandy franchise. The show ended on November 9, 2007. There were 65 episodes made before the show ended.


The show is about two children named Billy and Mandy who got the Grim Reaper to be their best friend forever, by beating him in a game of limbo to compete for the life of Mr. Snuggles (Billy's hamster). Now that Grim is stuck with the kids as his new masters, his life has been turned upside down. Most episodes focus on Billy and Mandy either using Grim's powers for their personal gain, stealing precious artifacts from his chest or traveling to forbidden planes of existence. 

Voice Cast

Cameos in Evil Con Carne

The characters have also made cameos in their sister show, Evil Con Carne.

  • In "Everybody Loves Uncle Bob", Billy and Mandy's faces could be seen in the audience of children. Later, a plush doll, resembling Grim was thrown at the stage.
  • In "Ultimate Evil", When Ghastly explained how one of the consequences of Hector's current plan would end in death, she projected a picture of Grim on a hologram.
  • In "Gridlocked and Loaded", a bobblehead of Grim was seen. During the ending credits, Billy was in the car next to General Skarr, making annoying faces at him and even mooning him, before Skarr decided to blow him up with his death ray.


  • In the ending credits, there is a secret message which is played backwards in the credits. When played normally it will say; "No, no. This is the end of the show. You're watching it backwards." The voice is none other than series creator, Maxwell Atoms.
  • Atoms stated in a 2014 blog that if he could bring back the series, he would like to work on other projects.