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The Crawling Niceness
The Crawling Niceness.jpg
Series Grim and Evil
Season 2
Production code 206
Writer Maxwell Atoms
Broadcast information
Broadcast number 4A
Cartoon Network US Premiere July 18, 2003
Paired with Cod vs. Hector
Chicken Ball Z
Chronological information
Battle of the Bands
Cod vs. Hector

The Crawling Niceness is the first segment of the sixth episode of Grim & Evil.


Mandy tells Billy to get a soda. Billy goes in Grim's trunk. But in the trunk, there is an egg that Billy hatches, and a large spider named Jeff comes out and thinks Billy is his dad. Billy get very scared of him and tries to squish him, but Jeff just wants to help his "Dad". Billy and Jeff later hire a exterminator, and he doesn't end up squishing him and makes him his son


  • Story by: Maxwell Atoms
  • Storyboard by: Maxwell Atoms
  • Directed by: John McIntyre, Robert Alvarez


  • This is the first appearance of Jeff the Spider, Billy's adopted spider-like son.
  • One of the things Billy throw out of the trunk is a monkey paw. This is a reference to the famous W.W. Jacobs story The Monkey's Paw. The paw is supposed to grant three people three wishes each, but with terrible consequences.

Octi appearance.


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Battle of the Bands
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