Marinero de Chocolate (personaje)

The Chocolate Sailor appeared in Chocolate Sailor.

He is a chubby man in a sailor uniform made entirely out of chocolate and has a high pitched voice similar to Mickey Mouse. His evil plan is to turn all of Endsville into his chocolate crew.

Billy first found him in a magazine ad to sell chocolates (anyone who eats enough of his chocolate becomes chocolate themselves), as Billy needed, in his words, "a hare-brained scheme to get rich quick without hardly trying". Billy, however, ate every single box the sailor sent him to sell, turning him into chocolate, where he then proceeded to eat himself until he was just a head. This seems to be a familiar and annoying habit of the victims, as they always end up eating themselves, leaving him without a crew. He has the antidote for Billy to go back to normal, but gives Billy a choice between the antidote and three other deadly sweets. (Of course, the flavor antidote was the antidote itself; it was obvious because it was labeled that way.) However, Billy just eats all the chocolate until his head explodes; finally, he is then used for chocolate sauce.