Tanya "Granmama" Dracula is Irwin's sassy grandmother, the wife of Dracula and Dick's caring mother.


She usually ends sentences with "baby", as Irwin does with "yo", and his father with "dude" suggesting a family trait. She is also the wife of Dracula. In her early life she was bump into a guy named Lionel Van Helsing, and since then he had a crush on her but she thought she was getting robbed by him and knocked him out, seen in "Dracula Must Die.

Although she always appears angry, she seems to care for Irwin, but will sometimes embarrass him. She doesn't like to be challenged or insulted, and has a hatred of hip-hop music. Tanya is also good at "Yo Mamma" jokes as seen in "Goodbling and the Hip-Hop-Opotamus", when she was battling Principal Goodvibes, when he turned into a gangster rapper. Tanya is also well at being a good dancer. She is also the only grandparent Irwin has who is not immortal.


Lionel had bumped into him and tried to reason with her but was mistaken for a robber. He was knocked out but Dracula came and cleared things up, but Dracula had no idea that Lionel liked her, and did a dance and Tanya instantly fell in love with him, they got married, had a baby but things came into conflict when Dracula transformed into a bat, Tanya mistake him for a stray bat and repeatedly hit with a bat (the object), and slammed him with a bowling ball. She threw him in the trash can and left him for dead. She had thought Dracula mysteriously disappeared so she lied to Dick about his father and said he was a navigator on a spice freighter. But things were cleared up years later.



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