Billy reading the NO SWIMMING sign in Hog Wild
  1. Sign your posts on talk pages — use ~~~~ (four tildes), which gets replaced by your username and timestamp when you hit Publish. But don't sign on mainspace articles (episodes, songs, character pages, etc.).
  2. Don't spam — "Spam" is an unwanted message, like advertisements, political statements and other off-topic messages. For this wiki, off-topic messages are messages that are not related to any of the shows. Spam also includes duplicate messages that are posted three or more times.
  3. No Special Treatment — the internet is full of lies. If you say you have Asperger's syndrome,african kid starvation or some other disability, don't expect to be treated better than others, you are still capable of following the rules. If your account behaves improperly, it will be blocked. Excuses like "it was my brother/sister using my account to vandalize the wiki", "my account was hacked", or "I have a disability so please overlook what I did" will NOT save your account from a block.
  4. Profanity or racial slurs on Wiki pages — usage of profanity or racial slurs in Wiki pages (Billy, Mandy, etc.) is NOT allowed. This is because this wiki focuses on three kids' shows, so pages that visitors will most commonly use must be free of such garbage speech. Anywhere else like Talk pages, blogs, or forums is fair game.
  5. Don't bite the newcomers — Users new to or inexperienced at editing on wikis or just this wiki are often unfamiliar with how policies, guidelines, and other important aspects of the wiki function. Regardless of the quality of the contributions, it is important to remember to assume good faith with new members. As Wikipedia says, "nothing scares potentially valuable contributors away faster than hostility."
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