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"Scout's honor!"

- Pud'n

Pud'n is an unlucky but important secondary character and a classmate of Billy and Mandy.


Pud'n lives next door to Billy, where he is cared for by wolves. He first appeared in "Recipe for Disaster" where he is shown to be a Person Scout along with most of his classmates. He later went on a ferris wheel ride and then entered a pie eating contest, both with disastrous results. In fact, Pud'n often suffers horrible and outlandish misfortune, either at the hands of supernatural visitors or unkind peers. In between all this, he can be found hanging out with Billy and Irwin, being beaten up, or studying. In Wrath of the Spider Queen he was kidnapped by a spider monster while going to the bathroom in the halls. He is later seen trapped in a cocoon on a spider web drooling.

Pud’n, along with other student trapped in a cocoon in the cafeteria which is covered in spider webs and nests.


Pud'n has red hair, green eyes and freckled cheeks. He has a buck tooth and wears a green hoodie.


Pud'n is sensitive and innocent and bursts into tears with little provocation. He is generally sweet and polite and enjoys 'girly' things such as flowers, butterflies and bunnies. Hardly the brightest bulb, he often mistakes toys and books for food and garbage cans and corners for the restroom.

He does have a mean streak, as seen when he taunted Billy for riding a tricycle, and beat up General Skarr for stealing Grim's scythe. He also gave everything he had fighting Thromnambular's evil magic.



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