Poppin Lockin is the father of Irwin's mother Judy making him Irwin's maternal grandfather.


He is a mummy, short, fat, and has green skin with his bandages over his eyes. He also has a Yiddish accent.


He was shown to be a tyrannical dictator. Despite that he seems to love Irwin a lot as he wanted him to follow in his footsteps. Like most old people, he wants his family legacy to carried on through a younger generation. Unlike his daughter Judy, Poppin Lockin is able to speak in human words. Where his daughter does not speak any English at all.


He tried to get Irwin's mom to rule like him, but she refused, and they never spoke to each other for thousands of years.

He awakes from his coffin and visits his grandson Irwin and told him that he was next in line to be Pharaoh, which sparked a battle of wills between him and his daughter, who tried to dissuade Irwin from it. In the end, though, Irwin agreed to do it (as Poppin told him Mandy would fall for him if he did). At this point in time, he has only made one appearance.