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Pandora is a one-time character and the main antagonist of Pandora's Lunch Box.


Pandora was originally a normal girl during the times of Ancient Greece, until one day Zeus, Poseidon and Hades decided to send down a "mysterious box" down to Pandora. Upon seeing the box, Pandora's curiosity was piqued and she opened it, unwittingly unleashing all of the previously-imprisoned evil forces that had been contained within the box. Turned upon by her fellow man, Pandora, now cursed to wander the earth with no place to call home, had to now keep with her the box of legend.

Pandora sought revenge against both the people that spurned her and the gods that cursed her. To do this, she needed to open the box and unleash the contents upon them, but her "curse" prohibits her from being able to open the very object from which her curse stems from and can grant her the revenge she craves. Forced to wander the earth, unable to open her box, Pandora, under the alias of "Dora", sought someone she can trick into opening the box for her, passing it off as a lunchbox.

Her chance finally came when she met Mandy at Endsville Elementary School. When they were out on the football field, Mandy wanted to destroy Mindy, her arch-nemesis. So she opens the lunchbox, unleashing evil that happened to be demons shaped like food. Pandora reveals her true identity and that she had tricked Mandy into unleashing all of the demons. Mandy, angry that Pandora tricked her, stops the end of the world by sucking the demons and Pandora into the lunchbox (simply by closing the box and opening it again). Strangely enough however, Pandora can still be seen in later episodes, but it could be a look alike.

Episode Appearances


  • It is obvious Pandora’s alias and design were meant to be a reference to Nickelodeon's animated series Dora the Explorer (until the lunchbox was opened).
    • This is most likely a pun on her name, Pandora.
  • It appears her curse halted her aging process and gave her immortality, as she lived for many centuries.
  • In Greek mythology, Pandora opened a box (originally a jar) that unleashed all the evil in the world. It is this box that her episode is based on.
  • Nika Futterman, Pandora's voice actress, would (coincidentally) later voice Pandora, Goddess of Calamity in Kid Icarus: Uprising.