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Nigel Planter is a dorky wizard who goes to Toadblatt's Summer School of Sorcery. His character is a parody of Harry Potter, as is the school he attends.

He is a member of the Weaselthorpe House and has an L-shaped pen mark, aka "scar", on his head. This "scar" was apparently given to him by Lord Moldy Butt. It's possible that the "L" shape could stand for "loser", since Planter is highly unpopular, and has been expelled from Toadblatt's School of Sorcery.


He is extremely self centered, taking credit for Mandy's ideas and not giving any credit to Billy or Mandy. In the end, this became his undoing as in the middle of his triumph, Dean Toadblatt overheard him and punished him. Nigel learned the hard way of what meant to take credit someone else's idea as when he tried to pin the blame on Mandy she told him to "take credit where credit is due".

Pre-puberty, he showed interest in Mandy, afterwords he set his eyes on the most popular girl in school, named Herfeffine Heferfefer, who rejected him flat out.


As of the episode One Crazy Summoner, he has gone through puberty.

Nigel's father is still alive, albeit he'd been held back so much in school that he's only now become a sophomore, though this might just have been a non-sequitur, since another episode said his parents were dead. It could also be possible that the man is Nigel's adopted father or that he died sometime after the event.

After his magic gave out he was kicked out of Toadblatt's and set up a magic store. Later he was confronted by Lord Moldy Butt and it was revealed that he was never a wizard in the first place but the heir to the 'Peanut planter company'. It`s unknown where he got the jellybeans that taste like toilet, parodying Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. He appereantely was diagnosted with schizophrenia.



  • Nigel Planter is an obvious parody of Harry Potter
  • He's the only known character to age each episode, as the other characters stay the same age they've started as.
  • Nigel shares some personality traits with Harry Potter character Gilderoy Lockhart, as they took credit for what other people had done. (Nigel took credit for Mandy's plan of Sabotage, while Lockhart took credit for other wizard's adventures and inventions.)
  • Nigel has a crush on Mandy and Herfeffini just like Irwin.