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Nergalings are small, hyperactive creatures that look like Nergal. They serve as crew on his earth cruiser and keep him company on his surface travels. Nergalings are organized, intelligent and highly social, but communicate only in gibberish noises.

They make their first appearance in Something Stupid This Way Comes when Nergal understands that friends must be made by force. Using his dark powers, he transforms the patrons of his carnival into mindless Nergalings. However, unlike the uniform Nergalings appearing in Love is "Evol" Spelled Backwards, these retain their unique shape. They also lack the characteristic "N" on the front. It is possible that the "N" is issued only to Nergalings assigned to the earth cruiser.

They later appear in the The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Video Game as enemies that attack the player in the level called Underworld. Nergaling is also an unlockable character. According to their in-game bio, Nergalings love sponge baths and biting ankles.

Nergal and his crew