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"All I ever wanted was to be loved."

- Nergal Jr.

Nergal Jr. is the troubled only child of Nergal and Sis. He is also Billy's first paternal cousin.


Nergal Jr. first appears in Son of Nergal, where he attends the ill-conceived (and fated) winter camp cooked up by Harold and Grim. Ashamed of his monstrous form, he assumes the appearance of one camper after another in an attempt to feel accepted. He later enrolls in Endsville Elementary School, where he quickly falls victim to Sperg. While remaining a marginalized addition to the student body, he later overcomes his shyness somewhat, and in time embraces his identity and powers.


Nergal Jr. has an introverted personality and a gothic demeanor. Like his father, he craves acceptance but is unfortunately easily jealous and possessive. Junior is self-conscious about his origins, yet at the same time doesn't hold his peers in any higher regard and often expects the worst from them. Being lonely and isolated, Junior appears a bit naïve. However, he will not put up with abuse, whether it is directed towards him or the people he cares about, and is quite persistent in his attempts to achieve revenge. He is also quick to lend a hand when asked.

Physical Appearance

Junior is pale and thin with black hair, lime green eyes and sharp teeth. Like his mother, he needs glasses to see. When not in his school uniform, he wears a black coat, black ski pants and black boots, as well as a red scarf and mittens. While Nergal Jr's true form has never been completely revealed, it is implied that it is similar to that of his father. His human appearance was stolen from a boy who once insulted him, which has since become his default form.


Junior flanked by his closest friends, Billy and Irwin

When not provoked, Nergal Jr. is quite respectful of others and content to simply be a part of a large group.

Billy occasionally tries to use his cousin's dark powers to achieve his own ends, however, Junior is known to abandon these schemes if they go against his convictions. Mandy seems to respect him more than she does others, while not above taking advantage of him, of course. Of the three, Junior has the most friendly moments with Irwin. At school, he sometimes opens up to Principal Goodvibes.

Junior is very close with both of his parents, who love him very much. They spend a lot of time playing games, going on picnics and working on projects together.

Abilities and Skills

Nergal Jr. has the gift of shape-shifting into people and animals as well as objects. He can trap and shock enemies with his powerful tentacles. If school lunch is particularly gross one day, the mouthed tentacles eat it for him. He sometimes sprouts live bats from his back and can freeze and keep people in suspended animation.


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