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"We'll have so much friendly fun!"

- Nergal

Nergal is the main antagonist of the series. He is a demon-like being from the Center of The Earth with snake-like tentacles growing from his back. These tentacles can deliver powerful shocks and act as extra arms. He is named after the Mesopotamian god of death.


Nergal first appeared in Fiend is like Friend Without the 'R' when he kidnapped the trio in a desperate bid for companionship. Some time after this, he founded a carnival in order to meet people. As his manners are somewhat lacking these encounters did not end well.

He attended Doomsday Junior High with Grim.

He later married Billy's aunt, Sis. After a string of unsuccessful attempts to woo her, Billy's backfired attempt to sabotage their date helped Nergal win her over, thus making him Billy's paternal uncle by marriage. Nergal settled down into a happy marriage and is seen to be a loving husband and father. In time, he also achieves a guarded but friendly relationship with the main trio.


Nergal is quite tall with a slim build, black skin, green and purple eyes, a green tongue and green teeth. He wears a sharp black and red suit as well as heeled, black boots. Due to his black skin, his clothes and boots seem to blend in with his skin.


Nergal values friendship above all, but his poor social skills, not helped by centuries of isolation, make him an outcast of both worlds. His actions are motivated by jealousy and a fear of abandonment rather than any desire to do harm. At his core, he wants to do good, but has little understanding of the personal boundaries of others and does not take rejection well. Consequently, he often ends up hurting and/or scaring people and being shunned anyway. While married life helps him keep these bad habits in check, he retains quite a bit of his cluelessness and immaturity. Even so, he loves his wife and son very much and remains close with his extended family.


Nergal can electrify enemies by ensnaring them in his snake-like tentacles, and create earthquakes. He also has the ability to temporarily transform people into shadowy figures like himself. His tentacles sometimes function as a method of transportation and are strong enough to carry several people. He is gifted with all kinds of technology and in his spare time builds and converts vehicles for easy travelling to the surface.





  • Nergal's character is most likely based to at least some degree off of the Sumerian God of the same name. Nergal was the Sumerian ruler of the Underworld, war, pestilence, the summer solstice and god of the dark aspects of the Sun (which could take away life, especially since Sumeria was situated in what is today the Middle East, a desert region).
  • Nergal is also likely based off the Cthulhu Mythos deity known as Nyarlathotep as his appearance is similar to one of the many forms of Nyarlathotep and shares a similar chaotic personality as well though is overwhelmingly nicer than Nyarlathotep who is known to be pure evil.
  • While it is never explained in-universe why Nergal lives in the Center of the Earth, it is implied that he was banished there.
  • Nergal's minions, the Nergalings, could be a reference to Warhammer's "Nurglings." Both are dimunitive demons that resemble their masters. In the case of the Nurglings, they resemble Nurgle, the plague god.
  • Nergal has been ranked by the YouTube Channel WickedBinge as the most Wicked character in the entire Series (Even beating out Mandy).
  • Nergal makes a cameo in the Villanous (a Mexican animated television web series) episode "BH's Bizarre Bad-Venture", where he is in a courtroom alongside other Cartoon Network characters that somewhat resemble the four main characters (in Nergal's case, he bears a somewhat resemble to Black Hat).


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