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"He's never forgiven me for beating him in just about everything!"

- Mrs. Doolin

Mrs. Doolin is an elderly lady that's subject to rumor, and said to be a ghost. She lives in an old mansion with her pet spider Frankie and dog Lucky. She only appears in Who Killed Who?


According to Grim, Mrs. Doolin is a vengeful spirit who harms anyone who dares to enter her property. When Billy and Irwin lose a pair of dice in Mrs. Doolin's yard, they dare Mandy to retrieve them. Mrs. Doolin catches Mandy in the hallway of her mansion. Displeased with the intrusion, she challenges Mandy to a fencing contest, which the girl wins. As the afternoon wears on, the two open up to each other. Mrs. Doolin explains how Grim made up strange rumors about her as payback for her beating him in everything from poker to staring contests. Mandy confides that Billy and Irwin refused to let her play with them because she is a girl. Enraged by this, Mrs. Doolin hatches a plan to help Mandy get even with Billy. She covers Mandy in face powder to make her look like a ghost. When Billy comes for the dice, Mrs. Doolin and Mandy scare him off by making a ghoulish entrance. In the end, it is made clear that by beating Grim in everything, Mrs. Doolin did in fact beat death itself, leaving her to do her favorite things for eternity. Once Mandy actually beats her, she vanishes and everything in her house suddenly becomes ancient, much to Mandy's shock.


Mrs. Doolin is a tall, slender elderly woman with pale skin and grey hair in a bun. She wears a purple blouse with white lace and puffy sleeves and a long, teal skirt.


While she's friendly and welcoming, Mrs. Doolin is also quite eccentric and her temper can make her seem 'off' even to the most stunted of people. She is a gracious sport with a strong sense of fair play, and her predicament aside, it is unlikely that she would ever harm another person, except to get even, of course.


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