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Miriam is Grim's mother, and the wife of Earl. Like her son and the rest of her family, Miriam is an 'undead, talking magical skeleton'.

Her name was given as "Miriam" only in passing. Miriam is either the daughter or the daughter-in-law of Granny Grim; and the niece or niece-in-law to Kali--but the relation is never verified in the series run, only by the virtue of their relation to Grim.

Episode appearances

  • A Dumb Wish - makes an appearance after being released by Billy from a lamp and could grant wishes.
  • Billy and the Bully - seen in silloutte in Grim's flashback, wearing black robes like Grim's, advising Grim about bullies with the whole 'sticks and stones' speech.
  • A Grim Prophecy - makes an appearance filling Grim in about his new position as the Grim Reaper, refers to Grim as her "Little Grimmy".
  • Dad Day Afternoon - referred to as "Miriam" over the phone by Grim's father.
  • Scary Poppins - mentioned to Billy by Grim, right before he zaps Mandy's parents; "Yes, "Careful" be me middle name... Oh, how I never forgave my mother for that".