Mighty Moe is an amazingly old man obsessed with eternal life, which he can get by earning bonus years with good health.

He discovered that almost every piece of healthy food and rep in an exercise adds twelve minutes to your life, so Moe has dedicated his life to being as healthy as possible. His long life is actually due to the fact that the underworld's outdated methods aren't able to be adjusted to take the good health habits into account. Due to this Grim admits that Moe could potentially live forever.

He owns a gym that caters to the elderly who also want their bonus years. Moe is also rich and lives in a mansion. Grim doesn't like Moe, as he hasn't had a chance to reap him. Soon he writes and prepares to publish a book on how to live forever by adding bonus years with good health. Grim is furious, as the people who buy it, will know how to live forever, which would mean he'd lose his job. Billy, Mandy, and Grim hijack the truck full of the books and fly it to space. Moe grabs on to a rail and holds on. The three jump out of the truck just before it hits the sun, along with Mighty Moe. Billy took a Grim Reaper bobble head from the truck before jumping out. At the end scene Moe is signing his books to flames.