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Love is Evol Spelled Backwards
Love is Evol Spelled Backwards Title Card.png
Series Grim & Evil
Season 1
Production code 105
Writer Craig Lewis
Broadcast information
Broadcast number 5C
Cartoon Network US Premiere July 11, 2003
Paired with Grim in Love
The Trouble with Skarrina
Chronological information
The Trouble with Skarrina
Mandy the Merciless

Love is Evol Spelled Backwards is the third segment of the fifth episode of Grim & Evil.


It is Valentine's Day. Grim makes cards and Mandy decorates candy hearts while Harold and Gladys prepare for a weekend getaway and leave Aunt Sis in charge. While everyone else is in a romantic mood, Sis recounts the bad breakup she went through as a young girl and is in no hurry to repeat the experience. 

However, an equally lonely Nergal has been observing Sis through his monitors. He arrives in his earth cruiser with a horde of Nergalings. Naturally, the trio assumes that he's here to raise hell again and prepare to fight him. Nergal ignores them in favor of Sis and asks her out on a date, to which she indifferently agrees. Mandy warns Billy that if the night goes well, he'll have a mortal enemy for an uncle. Billy immediately sets out to stop the love.

Nergal takes Sis to a romantic Mexican restaurant. Grim, posing as a waiter, places a cloche in front of Nergal, who opens it to find Billy brandishing a stick of celery. The attack is sadly spurned when Sis douses her nephew in ketchup. When the couple go on a boat ride, Grim suggests dumping a bucket of spiders over their heads as they pass under the bridge. Billy takes the bucket but is distracted by a ladybug and falls into the river. 

Nergal takes Sis to Lover's Leap, an outlook point with a beautiful view of the city. He makes intentions known by literally offering his heart to Sis, who understandably rebuffs him. He then sees another man giving a diamond ring to his girlfriend and gets an idea. Being far away from the nearest jewelry store, Nergal fashions a ring from a nail, but manages to drop it. Above him, Billy makes one final attempt to sabotage the evening by sawing off a beehive. Nergal is attacked by the bees, but rather than ditching him for looking like a dork, Sis is impressed with his nimble 'dance moves' and happily accepts his marriage proposal. Nergal tenderly declares Billy his nephew before taking his bride home.


  • Story by: Craig Lewis
  • Storyboard by: Paul McEvoy
  • Directed by: Juli Hasiguchi


  • This is the first episode in which Nergal is voiced by Martin Jarvis. 
The Trouble with Skarrina
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