Little Chiba

Little Chiba.jpg

Little Chiba made her first-and-only appearance in Mandy Bites Dog. Little Chiba was the three-headed demon dog/Chihuahua hybrid puppy of Grim's hellhound, Cerberus, and Mindy's former pet Chihuahua, Little Delicious.

When Cerberus and Little Delicious first met, Cerberus was suppost to make mincemeat out of Little Delicious on Mandy's orders. Instead, Cerberus became smitten with Little Delicious and before Mindy even knew what was happening, both Cerberus and Little Delicious were married and heading off to a life together. Later Cerberus and Little Delicious had Little Chiba, a three-headed demon dog/Chihuahua puppy hybrid of their very own.

Somehow, this new puppy came into Billy's possession during his camping trip with his father, Harold, and brought back home with them. Named "Little Chiba" by Billy, Little Chiba, Billy shows her off to Grim, to whose misfortune learns that Little Chiba has inherited her father's taste for Grim's bones.

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