Kyle the Cone

Kyle is a traffic cone that was a brief rival to Hoss Delgado.


Kyle is a bright orange traffic cone with his name stuck on with a piece of sellotape. During "Irwin Gets a Clue", Hoss explains to Irwin that when he was in high school, he was always upstaged by Kyle, who was picked ahead of the then-weedy Hoss for sports games and managed to date women Hoss was trying to impress. The final straw was when Hoss was working as a door-to-door vegetable peeler salesman, and he called at a house where the owner had ordered 10,000 of the same peelers from Kyle, who is shown surrounded by a huge pile of money. It was at this point that Hoss chose to "end his boring existence", causing him to transform into the muscle-bound monster exterminator he currently is. After hearing the story, Irwin asks what happened to Kyle, with Hoss saying that Kyle is "no longer a problem". Kyle is then shown chained to a radiator in a dimly-lit basement as a rat scurries past.