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Stomach is one of the characters of the show Evil Con Carne (and Grim & Evil). Stomach is the stomach of Hector Con Carne, it was preserved in a jar after the explosion of Hector's body which left only his brain and stomach to be saved by Major Dr. Ghastly. After being preserved it was attached to a Russian circus bear named Boskov, along with Hector's brain.


Stomach is usually only used as a gag in Evil Con Carne, and rarely speaks. When it does speak, it only speaks about food. It's only major role was in Gutless, in which Stomach gets sick.


It is a pink stomach with two lumps on it and has a gull bladder coming down from its bottom. It has a brown liver on top that resembles hair. It has a high pitch squeaky voice. It also has two brown eyes in one episode.


In the episode "Chicken Ball Z", Mandy bought Bunny Island from Hector and he left the island with Bozkov and Stomach (Although Stomach had no talking lines in this episode)

In "The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door" where in the end credits they had a parody on Camp Lazlo and Evil Con Carne called "Camp Con Carne" In it, Stomach was seen attached to Lazlo.

In the episode "Company Halt" it was seen with, Ghastly, Hector Con Carne, and Bozkov were trying to get General Skarr to come back to Evil Con Carne. This entire episode was a crossover between Billy and Mandy and Evil Con Carne.