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Hariel is the mermaid daughter of King Triceps and the sister of Uvula. is voiced by Precious Nicole I Areglo


Hariel gets very angry when her father keeps killing all boys she likes and hanging their heads on his wall.


Hariel has long blonde hair, wears a crown and pale purple top and she has a bright blue tail. Her arch-nemesis is Uvula the sea hag.


Hariel falls in love with Billy and rescues him from being cooked. Billy calls her a fish lady. If Hariel gets married first then she will become queen of the sea. She is the swimnastics champion. In the end, she and Uvula both marry Billy.


  • Hariel once called Billy an ape boy. This is possibly what all mermaids call humans.
  • Hariel is a parody of Ariel from Disney's adaption of The Little Mermaid.