Spencer, you're back. I know. I love you, too, But it's a forbidden love. Grim: What? No!

What will we do? Yes. I'll love you forever!

Grim: No! Eat her! Don't hug her!

Billy: I am a mummy! Made out of toilet paper! Spooky, huh? I can't see!

Grim: Hold still.

Billy: OK

Atrocia: Hi. It's me again, Atrocia, your personal hostess of horror... bringing you an all-night Halloween scarathon.Grim: Atrocia, you've stolen my heart. Good thing I've got three or four more in the freezer.

[Mandy enters with a halloween costume.]
Mandy: Let's go get some candy, people.
Billy: Hey, Mandy, what are you supposed to be?
Mandy: I am a ruthless high-priced prosecuting attorney.
Grim: Then what's with the claws?
Mandy:[Pauses and looks at them.] They're for rending human flesh.
Billy: This house is too scary.
Grim: You wouldn't know scary if it came up and ate your faces off.
Mandy: A house that overdone is bound to have jumbo candy bars.
Billy: Jumbo candy bars!? Trick or treat!
Mandy: Why don't you stay here with your cousin? I think you're a little too old for trick-or-treating.
Grim: Atrocia?
Atrocia: Chicken wing!
Grim: That other guy is moving in on my lady.
One more house, then straight to bed, Gregory.
Gregory: Thanks, mommy.
Grim: Excuse me. Do you have a bandage? Because I scraped my knee falling for you. ...I thought you were somebody else.
Gregory, you scared the cannoli out of me. Now, let's go you into bed, sweetie.
Grim: But you looked like Atrocia, and...
Mandy: Excellent. Two blammo bars and a sour beefy.
Billy: I got the rock.
Mandy: Where's Grim?
Billy: There he is!
Billy: Grim. Let's go, buddy.
Gregory: I'm your buddy?
Billy: Yeah! We're amigos forever, remember?
Mandy: Billy, that's not Grim.
Billy: Grim's my bestest friend!
Mandy: Whatever.
Gregory: You're hurting me.
Grim: I love bubbles!
Gregory, honey... are you almost done with your bathy-wathy, Greggy-weggy?
Grim: Give me a minute, woman. This so-called "bathing" is kind of enjoyable.
Billy: Mandy, Grim's better than ever.
Mandy: That's not Grim.
Billy: Grim gave me a candy bar.
Mandy: What makes you so sure that's Grim?
Billy: Yes!
Mandy: I'm just wondering how Grim got so short.
Billy: But he's got a scary face just like Grim's. So I win. He's Grim.
I hope my little man's all nice and clean.
Grim: Look, lady. I'm not who you think I am.
Now, Gregory, don't you want to take that mask off... while I read you a bedtime story?
Grim: Bedtime story? Can I wear it just a bit longer?
Well, it is Halloween. Mommy loves her little munchkin. Yes, she does.
Mandy: OK, I'll trade you one chocolate ear... for two twizzle pops.
Billy: Give it here!
Mandy: Since you are now Grim, and therefore have no stomach, I claim all of your candy.
[Gregory starts to sniffle.]
Billy: See what you did, Mandy! You made Grim cry!
Mandy: I'll let you know when I start to care.
Billy: I know something that would cheer him up! Head football! And Billy goes back for the pass!
Mandy: Billy!
Billy: Grim cut off some kid's head and stuck it on his shoulders!
"Poodie and Yum Yum loved all the animals in the world. They loved elephants, bunnies, and chickens... and even the lowly giraffe. The End." I love you, Gregory.
Grim: I love you, too...mommy...
Oh, dear. More trick-or-treaters.
Mandy: Excuse me. Does this belong to you?
Gregory: Mommy!
Gregory! But I... But you... But if you're Gregory, then who is...
Atrocia: Well, boys and ghouls, it just goes to show... no matter how much of a terrible, ugly monster you are... you can always find someone who will love you. Happy Halloween, kiddies. Hope you enjoyed the show.
Grim: Bah, humbug!
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