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Grim or Gregory?
Series Grim & Evil
Season 1
Production code 112
Writer Gord Zajac
Broadcast information
Broadcast number 8A
Cartoon Network US Premiere July 26, 2002
Paired with Search and Estroy
Something Stupid This Way Comes
Chronological information
Tastes Like Chicken
Search and Estroy

Grim or Gregory? is the first segment of the eighth episode of Grim & Evil.


It's Halloween and Billy, Grim, and Mandy go trick-or-treating. While Billy and Mandy are at a house, Grim mistakes a boy's mother for Atrocia, the host of the all-night Halloween Marathon on TV. Gregory is mistaken to be Grim by Billy, and Grim is mistaken as Gregory by Gregory's mother. In the end, everything is back to normal.


  • Story by: Gord Zajac
  • Storyboard by: Shellie Kvilvang
  • Directed by: Brian Hogan


  • Billy states that he got a rock during trick-or-treating, a reference to the Peanuts Halloween special, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".
  • Grim says "Bah, humbug!" at the end of the episode, which is Ebenezel Scrooge's catchphrase in "A Christmas Carol".
  • Gregory might have been named after Grim's voice actor, Greg Eagles.
  • This is the only Halloween themed episode where Irwin doesn't appear. It is also the only one where Mandy doesn't use Grim's disembodied head to complement her costume in any way.


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