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Gridlocked And Loaded
Gridlocked and Loaded Titlecard.png
Series Evil Con Carne
Season 2
Broadcast information
Chronological information
Fool's Paradise

Episode Summary

Hector, Skarr, Ghastly and a new henchman by the name of Tony (who took the job to pay for his cat's surgery) are stuck in a traffic jam, when they have to be at a the docks by 10am because they want to rob a ship with lots of gold on it and it leaves at 10am.

Because they are stuck in a traffic jam they can't get to docks early and get bored very soon and they start to annoy each other.

While they are still stuck in traffic Hector gets very mad a Tony and forces him to leave.

With the others still stuck in a traffic jam Hector wants to find something to do, eventually they all find out the car can turn into a big robot, they do this and run thought the traffic crushing cars in their way.

By the time they get to the docks the ship has already robbed by Tony, who is still desperate to get the money he needs to pay for his cat's surgery.


Gridlocked and Loaded/Transcript


  • A traffic jam can also be referred to as a gridlock, hence the name of the episode.