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"I love my life!"

- Gladys, fooling no one

Gladys is a frequently recurring character, notable for her unstable and manic behavior. She is the mother of Billy and the wife of Harold.


Gladys first appears in "Skeletons in the Water Closet". While tending to her daily chores, she keeps bumping into Grim and having never met him before, believes he's out to harm Billy and herself. When Grim's presence finally erodes her sanity, Harold sends her to his sister's house to recover from her 'skeleton episode'.

She later returns home, and while seemingly calm, intends to get revenge on Grim. After an ensuing fight, she grudgingly accepts their new houseguest.

In flashbacks, Gladys met and married Harold after high school and shortly after had Billy.

In the movie, Gladys is shown to work flexible hours at Endsville Dog Kicking Factory.

She makes her last appearance in Underfist, where she is seen listening enthusiastically to President Mandy's speech.


Gladys has red, curly hair, green eyes and wears a long purple dress, gold earrings and red Mary Janes.


Gladys sees herself as a devoted wife, mother and homemaker. In reality, she over-indulges Billy with endless junk food and free reign to do whatever he wants. Conversely, she frequently flips out on Harold for making trifling mistakes. Most troublingly, Gladys is seen to have both obsessive-compulsive and violent tendencies and running hot and cold with little to no provocation. Her relationship with Grim is ambivalent at best; she's never fully reconciled Death being her son's best friend and also an everyday presence in her life who watches her TV and eats at her table. Thus, she jumps at any opportunity to make his life even more miserable and she quite rightly suspects that Grim would like nothing better than to see her son dead. While some of her behavior can be chalked up to her daily life being taxing on anyone's mental health, most of it has been evident from the start.


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