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General Reginald Peter Skarr is one of the main characters in Evil Con Carne. He is Billy's neighbor, and a retired villain. In Underfist: Halloween Bash, he serves as the tritagonist.


Skarr used to work for Hector Con Carne, but left after the organization went bankrupt and Hector was forced to sell their island headquarters and their army to an entertainment company, who didn't want anyone else to take over the world. He then retired and moved to Endsville, where his house happened to be next door to Billy and his family.


Skarr Underfist.png

He has a blind left eye with a jagged scar under it. He wore a blue suit and oddly shaped hat when working for Hector.

He is bald (which is sometimes used as a gag) and has a large, downward pointed nose.

In Underfist, he has a large grey moustache and goatee and wears a bright blue uniform that includes a beret.


When Skarr worked for Hector Con Carne, he sometimes tried to overthrow Hector and take over his organization to take over the world himself. Even though Skarr retired, he is an anti-social megalomaniac obsessed with power who is often tempted to return to his evil ways, but he tries to stop himself from becoming a villain again by gardening; he hates children because they annoy him and frequently ruin his garden, and he is scared of Mandy. Plus, he wants Grim's supernatural scythe, which he has stolen a couple of times.



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  • In the episode "Emotional Skarr", when he fantasizes about ruling the world himself, his symbol is his scar in a circle similar to how the swastika was positioned. He also was shown in the same fantasy having an eagle on his hat, positioned in the same way as the Nazi eagle symbol. However, this is only evident in one scene.
    • The fantasy is also referenced in Anger Mismanagement, and if he was to think with cats, he would be thinking to use cats as slaves.
  • According to the show's intro, he got his scar from running with scissors.
    • Coincidentally, this is also how Hoss Delgado lost his own eye (as well as his arm and leg).
  • General Skarr is an homage to Herr Starr from the Preacher series.
  • Skarr's first name was revealed in the intro of Evil Con Carne, and first mentioned in Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure.
  • Despite having a secondary role, he has had a prominent role in all three Maxwell Atoms cartoons (four if you count Grim & Evil), ironically making him the only official character in the entire franchise.
  • Skarr's plant form heavily resembles a Pikmin from the video game series Pikmin.
  • Skarr and Billy's relationship is quite similar to that of George Wilson and Dennis Mitchell from the comic strip "Dennis the Menace" — because both involve a grumpy elderly man and a curious little boy.
  • His voice is an impression of Rowan Atkinson.