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Earl is Grim's father, and the husband of Miriam. Like his son and the rest of his family, Earl is an "animated skeleton."

His name was given as "Earl" only in passing. Earl is either the son or the son-in-law of Granny Grim; and the nephew or nephew-in-law to Kali--but the relation is never verified in the series run, only by the virtue of their relation to Grim.

Earl was first seen in "A Grim Prophecy." He was seen more prominantly in "Dad Day Afternoon," Earl is potrayed as a Fanatic of Country Western Rock Music, and his favorite country western singer is "Stank Williams," (a parody of real life country rock singer, Hank Williams). The character is essentially a "skeletonized" variant of actor Kurtwood Smith's famous role of stern father Red Forman from Fox sitcom That 70's Show.


  • "A Grim Prophecy" - Earl makes an appearance ordering Grim to do what his mother says and become the Grim Reaper.
  • "Dad Day Afternoon" - Grim is visited by his father because Mandy called him and told him the truth about Grim not being a Country Western Rock Singer. Apparently loves Country Western Rock music more than his own son leading to his son lying about having become one in the first place; Earl apparently only believes the truth about Grim when he reveals so on stage. Despite accepting Grim at the end, he still doesn't forgive Grim for lying to him. 
  • According to Grim, Earl was devoured by Cerberus when Grim was young. This was retconed by Earl's appearance later on in the series.