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Dracula Must Die!
Dracula Must Die Title Card.png
Series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Season 7
Production code 616
Writer C. H. Greenblatt
Broadcast information
Cartoon Network US Premiere September 21, 2007
Paired with Short Tall Tales
Chronological information
Wrath of the Spider Queen
Short Tall Tales

Dracula Must Die! is the 16th episode from season 7 of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


A vampire hunter named Lionel Van Helsing prepares to kill Dracula, but is stopped by Grim, Billy and Mandy -- Mandy (speaking for herself and the others) acknowledges that while Dracula's certainly no saint, she questions Van Helsing on why he hates the senile old vampire so much, arguing that he's harmless. Van Helsing then explains to Mandy and her friends on why he hates Dracula so much: in the past, he and Dracula were best friends, until Dracula used his irresistible dance moves on the woman of Lionel's dreams and they both got married -- Lionel’s heart was broken and he decided that he would kill Dracula for stealing his woman.

Billy and Mandy are surprised to discover that Dracula is (or at least was) married and wonder whatever could've happened to his wife. They and Grim become even more surprised when it turns out that Dracula's wife is none other than Irwin's paternal grandmother, Tanya (better known as "Grandmama"). But then Tanya reveals something that shocks everyone present: not only is Count Dracula her husband, but he's also the father of her son, Dick (which, in turn, means that Dracula is Irwin's paternal grandfather, or, as Irwin would like to call him, "Grandpapa").

When Dick questions Tanya on why she never revealed this to him and the rest of their family, Tanya claims that she didn't want her son to be hurt by his father abandoning them -- Dracula's offended by this and explains what really caused him to leave her and their son. Dracula claims that one night, while he was outside mowing the lawn, he got thirsty, so he came inside after transforming into a bat -- he ended up getting attacked by Tanya, and Dracula later on ran off, not wanting to get beat up again (or potentially killed). Tanya's surprised by Dracula's story and gives him a hug and an apology, although Dracula's disappointed by her aged appearance.

After realizing that he's probably a lot better off than Dracula, Van Helsing struts out, but Dracula's unsatisfied with his newfound family of nerds and begs Van Helsing to put him out of his misery.

That night, Dracula's eating dinner with his family when he expresses the desire to put more salt in his potatoes--Tanya tells him not to, pointing out that his doctor told him that he needs to cut back on salt in his diet. Dracula protests this, but Tanya ultimately intimidates him into obeying. Dick's amazed by his mother forcing Dracula to do something as Irwin smiles at the new development.


  • Story and Storyboard by: C. H. Greenblatt
  • Directed by: Juli Hashiguchi and Eddy Houchins


  • While it's never confirmed, it's possible that Tanya raised Dick as a single parent after Dracula initially left (assuming she never remarried).
    • Also, Dick claims that Tanya had always told him that his dad had been the navigator on a spice freighter.
  • More about Irwin's family is revealed.
    • His grandmother's first name is revealed to be Tanya.
    • Since Dracula is Dick's father, this would make Dick a dhampyr (a vampire/human-hybrid).
    • Since Irwin's mother is a mummy and his paternal grandparents consist of a vampire and a human, this means that Irwin's only 1/4-human (since he's 1/2-mummy through his mom's side and 1/4-vampire through his dad's side). Irwin's supernatural heritage could be an explanation as to his survival from frequent throughout the series.
      • Also, even though Irwin's only 1/4-vampire, he's still weakened by garlic, because after Tanya reveals that Dracula is Dick's father (and thus, Irwin's paternal grandfather), Irwin tries using his newfound heritage to impress Mandy (and even try kissing her), but Mandy sprays him in the face (twice!) with garlic butter, which burns him (or at least his skin and eyes).


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