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Day of the Dreadbot
Day of the Dreadbots Titlecard.png
Series Grim & Evil
Season 1
Broadcast information
Cartoon Network US Premiere 2003-07-11
Paired with Go-Kart 3000
Smarten Up!
Chronological information
Go-Kart 3000
Smarten Up!

Day of the Dreadbot is an episode of Grim & Evil.


After Hector Con Carne fires his Henchmen, Major Dr. Ghastly builds him a robotic army: the Dreadbots. However, General Skarr reprograms them to be loyal to him instead of Hector, but this is only the beginning of the cycle of betrayal.


The Henchmen fail at marching in a row, when they topple backwards like dominoes. Hector is fed up with their hooliganism and fires them. However, without an army, he needs a substitute for his enemies to take him seriously. He orders Major Dr. Ghastly to build a robotic army for him, thus began the creation of The Dreadbots. Shortly after creating them, Ghastly takes a coffee break, leaving the dreadbots unattended, in front of General Skarr, giving him the ability to reorient their loyalty toward himself, instead of Hector. When Ghastly introduces the Dreadbots to Hector, Skarr activates the device that turns them against Hector and toward himself. He even makes one specific deadbot the leader and deems him "Skarr Jr.". General Skarr orders Skarrbot and the deadbot army to throw Hector and Ghastly in the dungeon. Skarr then explains his mutiny motto to the dreadbots, "Stick the knife in his back and twist, ... twist, ... TWIST!" In the underground dungeon, Hector is trapped in a cage, separate from Boskov and Stomach, with Ghastly being taken down there. Ghastly assures Hector to have no idea how that happened and proves her powerlessness over Skarr and The Dreadbots. Skarr claims himself king of the dreadbots, only for Skarr Jr. to turn on him, leading the army along with him, having learned something for said mutiny speech. Skarr takes pride in Skarr Jr.'s betrayal of him, and doesn't have time to be mad at him, until he and the dreadbots blast him with their laser guns, abruptly ending the episode on that note.



  • Hector Con Carne told his army to go back to Burger King, implying that he found his henchmen there. However, he could have just been sarcastic, telling them they were terrible workers.
  • Cod Commando's picture is seen on a knockover target, used in the training field, for the Dreadbots. Technically, this is Cod Commando's first appearance in the series, however, he wouldn't make his first actual, physical appearance until the episode, "League of Destruction."
  • This marks the First Time Skarr cries.


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