Cod Commando is a orange fish and an agent of S.P.O.R.K. Is the archenemy of Hector Con Carne. His first appearance is in the segment The Smell of Vengeance: Part 1. He only talks by saying blah.

He destroyed Hector's body seven years before the episode The Smell of Vengeance (estimated about 1994).


Cod Commando's behavior can range from patriotically heroic to downright violent depending on the situation.

He is shown multiple times to carry a grudge and refuse to save those who had caused him harm, such as Agent Heidi who had flushed him down the toilet despite the fact she was supposed to be his ally, simply because she wanted to steal Hector's secret plans while in disguise as his secretary. In retaliation, Cod not only allowed her to be captured, but was the one who ratted her out.


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