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Claire is the wife of Phillip and the mother of Mandy.


Claire is a beautiful woman with long strawberry-blonde hair that is commonly tied in a ponytail; big blue eyes, thick, dark eyebrows and pinkish-red lipstick. Her usual outfit is an orange sweater and olive-green trousers, and she also wears white flats.


Claire is blindly obedient towards her daughter and will be happy to do whatever she asks no matter how strenuous, dangerous or time consuming. Her lifetime occupation is being a stay-at-home housewife toward Mandy's demand where she spends all day cooking her favorite meals and doing all her chores while being as motherly as possible. She is also instructed to wear an apron at all times.

She also spoils Mandy and showers her with money, rare artifacts, and compliments to keep her from being angry. Thanks to this blind obedience, Mandy allows her to continue her life as such.

Despite her fear of her own child, it is revealed in Keeper Of The Reaper that she does in fact love her daughter.