Boskov is ex-circus bear of Russia. Now, he is Hector's body of replacement. Despite his brawn, Boskov is not really dangerous because of his stupidity and gluttony. Hector usually always controls him. He is a member of Evil Con Carne.  

Physical appearance

Boskov is a big purple bear, who is slightly fat with big features such as his head and arms. Due to Hector, Boskov has two jars stuck on him, one on his head, which has Hector's brain in it and on his stomach, which has Hector's stomach in it. He also looks a little bit stupid as he normaly stands there with his tounge sticking out starting away at nothing.

In season two of the Evil Con Carne (and later in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy), Boskov appears to have gotten fatter and bigger in general.


Boskov seems to be a fun loving bear who is very peaceful, however he can be aggressive when either annoyed or picked on. However, even though he can be aggressive, he normally isn't, as he loves most things and can be upset quite easily by name calling. He also has a strong passion for food (which is probably why he and Stomach never fight), and food is one of the things that when it's taken, Boskov will either get upset or angry about it.



  • Boskov's appearance is similar to Yogi Bear.