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Billy Mandy Aur Life Mein Haddi
Started July 21, 2009
Episodes 69 (139 segments)
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Seasons 2 (cancelled due to a lack of success)
Channels Cartoon Network

"Billy Mandy aur life mein Haddi" (English: Billy Mandy and Life is Grim) is the Indian version of "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" released by the Indian Cartoon Network. The name of The Grim Reaper is Haddi, which in Hindi means Bone. Only Billy and Mandy's names are not changed, Other Characters like Irwin, Harold, Gladys, Pud'n, etc.,

Once "Aur Life Mein Haddi" was proven unsuccesful, it was cancelled without finishing to dub season 5. Afterwards, Cartoon Network India released another dub : "Haddi Mera Buddy"(My Buddy Grim), which was far more succesful (although more divisive due to having a lighter and softer tone to it) .