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Billy & Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween
Billy & Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween Titlecard.png
Series Grim & Evil
Season 1
Production code 112-113
Writer Maxwell Atoms
Brett Varon
Paul McEvoy
Broadcast information
Cartoon Network US Premiere October 1, 2003[1]
Chronological information
The Halls of Time
Five-O-Clock Shadows

Billy & Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween is a two part episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and/or Grim & Evil. It introduces Jack O'Lantern, the main antagonist of the special.


Trouble brews on Halloween, as an old enemy of Grim's grabs the scythe and plans on making it Halloween every night.


While out trick-or-treating, Grim tells Billy and Mandy the story of a practical jokester named Jack O'Lantern. Grim tells how Jack managed to escape death, but at the cost of losing his head, and as a result, becoming unable to go out socially except to play pranks on Halloween.

Dressed as the Grim Reaper and armed with Grim's real scythe, Billy stumbles upon Jack O'Lantern's doorstep on Halloween night. Jack manages to steal Grim's scythe, hoping to use its power to seek his revenge on the people of Endsville, make it so that the sun never rose again, and that it would be Halloween every night forever (thus making it so he can also go out and play pranks whenever he wants).

After destroying a large part of Endsville, Jack then kidnaps Grim to cut off his head out of revenge for Grim decapitating him years ago.

Billy, realizing that Grim is in trouble, runs to get Mandy to help save Grim. Mandy states that Billy needs to distract Jack, while Mandy sets up a series of pranks.

Billy pops up just as Jack is about to cut off Grim's head and distracts him by pulling up his robe and shaking his rump (revealing that he was wearing nothing under his robe) at him, distracting and confusing him.

However, it is revealed that Jack knew Mandy was setting up pranks, and that he is not afraid of them.

Then with the help of Irwin accidently tripping ALL of the pranks, and causing Jack to laugh and his minions to laugh (literally) to death, the gang manages to save Grim and banish Jack to the Underworld where his pumpkin head is implied to be smashed by demons.


  • Story by: Maxwell Atoms, Brett Varon, Paul McEvoy
  • Storyboard by: Brett Varon, Maxwell Atoms
  • Directed by: Juli Hasiguchi, Robert Alvarez


  • This is the first hour long episode, and was the final Grim & Evil episode. 
  • There are two online games based on this episode named Harum Scarum and Infernal Candy.
  • The way the pumpkins laugh themselves to death is a reference to the weasels from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • During the original airing of this episode was rated TV-Y7 instead of TV-Y7-FV.
  • A scene involving Irwin dressed as crossing guard was storyboarded but was cut.[1]


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