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Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Bands.jpg
Series Grim & Evil
Season 1
Production code 109
Writer Craig Lewis
Broadcast information
Broadcast number 9B
Cartoon Network US Premiere August 1, 2003
Paired with Terror of the Black Knight
Right to Bear Arms
Chronological information
Right to Bear Arms
The Crawling Niceness

Battle of the Bands is the second segment of the ninth episode of Grim & Evil.


Grim joins a garage band, Purple Filth, which makes Billy envious, as he wanted to be a member of the band as well.


The episode starts outside Billy's house, with him counting in a hide-and-seek game. An annoyed Mandy tells Billy that she and Grim aren’t playing hide-and-seek with him. Despite this, Billy walks off looking for Mandy and Grim, whom he stupidly believes to be hiding. As Billy looks all over the neighborhood as seeker, he hears a thrash metal song in the distance and notices a band practicing in a garage; the band is Purple Filth, of whom he is a huge fan. Sperg is the lead singer of the band and presumably the lead guitarist. Billy walks into the garage and interrupts the band’s rehearsal, which is in preparation for a battle of the bands contest that night. He begs the band members to make him a part of Purple Filth, to which Sperg asks what instrument he plays. Billy demonstrates that he has a knack for armpit farting. Grim and Mandy eventually stumble upon Billy in the garage. Sperg, seemingly infatuated with Grim’s dark and foreboding appearance and personality, demands Billy make him play the guitar. Grim plays an elongated and crushing guitar solo, resulting in the entire neighborhood burning down. Although he attempts to apologize, Sperg makes him a member of Purple Filth on the spot.

Back at Billy’s house, Harold tells his discouraged son that it’s easy to be a rockstar and that virtually anybody can do it; all that is required is long hair, tight pants and makeup. He then suggests to Billy that they both enter the battle of the bands contest as a father-son duo.

Later that night at an Endsville arena, Billy and Harold show up to the concert in their rockstar gear; Billy has red and black spiked hair, blue and white face paint and is in his underwear, while Harold has his hair slicked back with white face paint and a black star on one eye, leather pants, gloves, fishnets on his arms with bat wings under his arms, and a leather harness with a skull on his chest. Although Billy refers to him as “dad,” Harold tells him that for tonight, his son refers to him by his rockstar nickname: Mogar. He informs Billy that on his signal, they both attack the stage in a literal battle of the bands.

The contest begins. First up are Irwin and Pud’n. Pud’n plays a toy piano while Irwin nervously sings completely out of sync with the music. The audience boos them. The next act is a kid in a pink bunny suit playing a trumpet, who is subsequently booed also. Next up is a kid performing a plate-spinning act, which isn’t even a music act to begin with. As expected, he too is booed. Harold tells Billy that they’ll be attacking the stage very soon.

The last official act to go on stage is Purple Filth. Their stage set up includes pyrotechnics and a giant robotic, demonic-looking bull's head. The crowd goes crazy as the band shreds. Clearly the more prepared act of the night, it looks like the contest may go to them. However, while the band is playing, Harold gives Billy the signal to attack the stage. He screams and makes inhuman noises, prompting Purple Filth to get distracted and stop playing. With all the attention on the father and son, Harold jumps out of his seat and begins to fly with his underarm bat wings, leaving behind a very confused Billy. As Harold glides through the air, Billy tells him he had no idea he could fly, resulting in his dad dropping like a rock from the sky and onto the stage, destroying Purple Filth’s equipment and band set up.

When Billy runs down to the stage, Harold informs him that the show must go on. After Billy expresses his insecurity of performing in front of a massive crowd who booed off nearly every act of the night, his father gives him words of encouragement that all that matters is that Billy enjoys himself. A confident Billy steps up to the mic on what is left of the stage and performs a medley of armpit farts. When Billy finishes, the crowd is dead-silent for several seconds. Moments later, he lets out a real fart, to which the stadium delivers a thunderous applause. Although Billy wasn't on the lineup, he is presumably crowned the winner of the battle of the bands contest.


  • Story by: Craig Lewis
  • Storyboard by: Brett Varon
  • Directed by: Robert Alvarez


  • Harold has the same face-paint and design of Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS, while Billy wore a red-haired wig and a blue and white face similar to Marilyn Manson.
  • Harold says, "Join me, and we can rule the rock as father and son!" This dialog is based on the Star Wars movie, "The Empire Strikes Back", when Darth Vader confesses to be Luke's father, and asks Luke to join him on the Dark Side. 
  • There's is an online game based on this episode.
  • Grim mentions that in high school he used to play "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. 

Battle of the Bands contest

  1. Irwin and Pudn: I have no friends
  2. Trumpet
  3. Spinning Plates
  4. Purple Filth: SPF 1000 - Darkness
  5. Billy: Medley of armpit farts, then a real fart.


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