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Atrocia was the stage-name of an Endsville TV show Horror-Hostess, whose TV show was presented in a studio near by both Billy's and Mandy's houses.

Atrocia made her first appearance in Grim or Gregory?, during season 1. In her first appearance, Grim is observed as having a crush on Atrocia, the TV Horror show Hostess who was presenting an all-night Halloween TV Marathon that Grim was watching on Halloween when Billy and Mandy both demand that Grim accompany them Trick or Treating. Her character proved to be a popular Halloween costume for the mother of a kid out trick-or-treating that night.

Atrocia was later seen in The Grim Show, announcing that because she had reached the age of 30, she was being retired by her network — which proved to be a bad idea for the network executives; the idea did not go down well with Grim as he was a fan of her show, and went down to their studio to 'raise hell' (literally).


  • Atrocia's character is a parody of Cassandra Peterson's TV show persona, Elvira.
  • Atrocia's name was a play on the word Atrocious, meaning something that is 'frightful', 'evil', 'cruel' or 'monstrous'.