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A Kick in the Asgard
A Kick in the Asgard.png
Series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Season 4
Production code 406
Writer Maxwell Atoms
Broadcast information
Cartoon Network US Premiere October 15, 2004
Paired with Test of Time
Chronological information
Test of Time
Attack of the Clowns

A Kick in the Asgard is the 6th episode from season 4 of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


During a thunderstorm, a lightning bolt hits Grim's scythe, transporting Billy to Asgard, land of the Norse gods. Mandy and Grim go searching for him, while a Viking wearing Billy's shirt remains at his house as a substitute. In Asgard, Billy learns about the endless battle in Valhalla, in which if a warrior dies, he is resurrected to continue fighting. Billy is surprisingly good at killing other Vikings, so Mandy and Grim are unable to convince him to return home.

Liquid Inflation and Stuffing

Upon arriving in Asgard, Billy first spends hours drinking from the Fountain of Bubbling Nectar, then later gets completely stuffed in Odin's Hall.


  • Story by: Maxwell Atoms
  • Storyboard by: Vincent Waller
  • Art direction: Rae McCarson
  • Directed by: Robert Alvarez, Juli Hashiguchi, Brian Sheesley