Mandy: Billy, what are you doing?

Billy: I'm spring cleaning.

Mandy: But it's November. Besides, I'm trying to watch my TV show.

Billy: There's no sound. TV must be broke.

Mandy: No, Billy. It's not broke. It's a silent movie! So why don't you get with the program, and make with the silence, OK?

Billy: OK

Grim: What's up with Billy?

Mandy: He's spring cleaning.

Grim: But it's November.

Mandy: Yes. I know.

Grim: I hope Billy remembers not to go near my secret closet. You mean the secret closet that you made us promise... we would never ever open and then go in?

Mandy: Yes.

Grim: The secret closet that contains that old, dusty secret trunk?

Mandy: Yes. The very one.

Billy: Spring cleaning.

Grim: The trunk that contains the terrible curse?

Mandy: Yes. The curse of my family.

Grim: The curse, of course, being inside the trunk.

Mandy: Yes. In a special vessel.

Billy: A lamp!

Mandy: A genie's lamp.

Grim: And the curse is in the lamp, correst?

Mandy: Yes.

Billy: Hey, fellas, look what I found. It's a dusty old lamp. All it needs is a little rub, and it'll be as good as...

Grim: Hey, mama.

Look at you! You're falling apart. You're nothing but bone. Nothing but bone.

Billy: Grim's getting whooped by his mom.

And who are these two little monkeys?

Grim: These are my friends, Billy and Mandy.

Friends! Since when did you ever have friends? 10,000 years stuffed into a tiny lamp? I have no son! Go ahead. Drink your fancy gourmet coffee.

Billy: Hey, lady, what about our three wishes?

All right, then. But just one each.

Billy: Now, what do I want to wish for? I know! A chicken! No, wait. A talking chicken! No, a battleship! No, a duck! No! Boy, I wish I knew what I want to wish for. A volcano!

Yes, Billy, a volcano. That's what you'd be wishing for... if you had any wishes left.

Grim: Now, what do I wish for?

Billy: A volcano?

Grim: No. That was your wish. Now, what do...?

Billy: A chicken! Wish for a talking chicken!

Grim: Look, you already wasted your wish, and I'm not going to waste mine.

Billy: Then a duck! Wish for a duck!

Grim: No. It's mine.

Mandy: You know what? I wish you two would shut up. Well, that was a dumb wish.

Well, the last wish is Grim's, but... he can't make it on account of his zipped-up yapper.

Mandy: Then I suppose the last wish goes to me, right?

You got that right, Bambi.

Mandy: I will grant the last wish to whoever makes me the happiest.

I like this candy's style.

Mandy: "Gewd morning, Mandy. Love, Billy." Nice try, Billy. But not "gewd" enough.

What the blazes is going...?

Mandy: Stop! I wish everybody in the whole wide world... would go away!

But I--

Mandy: Hello? Hello? [looking sad] What have I done? Everybody has vanished off the face of the Earth. Because of that last dumb wish, I'm alone now. No Billy, no Grim, no Grim's mom, nobody. [smirks sneakily] PERFECT.

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